Silt and Sun

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The fight with The Servant of the Flame Lord and his minions continues. Mazkan, enraged at being brought down, brings his maul down on the head of The Servant with such ferocity that the shaft breaks upon impact! It struck so soundly that The Servant looked visibly shaken. The Feasting Shadows and Death Shades surrounds the party attacking relentlessly at this assault on their master. To avoid a stab, Sametik used his psionic abilities to make Lerona defend him using herself as a shield! Needless to say, she was not amused. It didn’t take too long for The Servant to finally succumb and for the shadows to be dispersed as well.

Darus retrieves the Obsidian Orb from the fading shade. Mazkan and Lerona disagree on what should be done with the orb. Mazkan wishes it to be destroyed and Lerona wishes to sell it at Urik. However both agree that Darus should hold on to it until the return to the caravan. In his hands the orb appears lifeless, a harmless black ball. The group get out of the academy only to find that the undead seemed much more restless and unfocused than before. They barely make out of the city alive as the undead swarm towards them in droves.

The trip back to to the caravan was mostly quiet, the exception being Lerona, who seemed chipper despite the heat. Not forgiving Sametik for his little psionic trick on her, she starts prodding him with questions. How did he end up alone in the desert? How long had he been travelling alone? Sametik remains elusive with his answers, merely saying he was being chased. Though none of the group believes his story, the oppressive sun soon stop their tongues wagging. They reach the caravan to find the dwarven guards waiting in boredom where they left them. Thus, they continued on their way to Urik.

Chat Log:


Much better than I ever could have done. Thanks for the help! If you want to create any other wiki pages, feel free to. I’ll try to have something up for each of the named characters and important locations/organizations, but feel free to fill in anything I missed that you learned about during the game.

Getting to know you

Thanks for the compliment! Glad I can help out. I’ll try to help out with the wiki pages too.

Getting to know you

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