Silt and Sun

Guts and Guile

You bring up that Kyra and Balok might have a thing for each other. Kyra promptly burns your hair and Balok affirms that you are crazy and the heat is getting to you. "Arggh! It was just a question!" -Mazkan

Over breakfast, Thania revealed Miranda, the daughter of a prominent member of her society, had been taken for Templar training. She was being indoctrinated at the Royal Academy; Thania estimated it would take 4 days for it to convert her. Although Mazkan didn’t appreciate her mix of threats & offers, the party agreed to break Miranda out. The deadline sat too close to Balok’s rematch with Freea & Daz; the party would have to split their efforts to accomplish both in time.

At first, Sametik, Rynn, and Immeral focused on scouting for the infiltration while Oevru and Mazkan worked on training the gladiators. Several disfunctions amongst Balok’s gladiators soon came to light: Balok was deathly afraid of Kyra’s magic, while Spry was quite cowardly and meek. Rynn & Sametik returned to help them with their issues after Mazkan got burned by his attempts to help Kyra, while Immeral successfully scouted the Academy posing as an exotic dignitary. That night, they discussed this with Thania; she gave them advice for Kyra and one of Miranda’s toys for recognition.

The next day, they spent the daytime finishing the gladiator’s training for the fight the next day. Rynn & Immeral slept early while Sametik, Oevru, and Mazkan finished training Balok’s gladiators. As the sun sets, the group prepares for a nighttime infiltration of the Academy; can they retrieve Miranda and safely escape in time to make sure Freea & Daz aren’t killed by popular vote at the arena?



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