Silt and Sun

Mistaken Identities

"The last person who tried to separate Blood and Splatter ended up... well bloody and splatted..." - an Urik Templar

At first, the Tembo proved quite a handful but thanks to Oevru‘s tactical manouvering and a little bit of luck, the party found their feet and brought it down to the cheers of the crowd. Balok greeted them with congratulations as they exited the arena pit. When talk turned to Blood & Splatter, Mazkan inquired discreetly as to whether Balok had noticed if they bore specific tribal tattoos. Balok vaguely answered in the affirmative which made Mazkan immediately try to barge into the champion’s rest area. Sametik and Rynn attempted to defuse the situation and avoid them all being arrested. Fortunately, the arena agent showed up and remarked that “Blood & Splatter” were currently in the arena pit fighting against Balok and his team. This made the half-giant calm down but still insisted on waiting by the area to see the champions. Meanwhile the rest of the party get paid for their performances in the arena.

After their fight, “Blood & Splatter” head to the champions’ area, walking past Mazkan in the process. Mazkan succeeded in getting their attention. Unfortunately for him, they turned out not to be his friends, but instead Freea and Das, 2 half-giants from the same area as his tribe. They recognized him and invited the group to join them in their rest area. Inside, they were quite surprised and distressed to hear of the events that brought Mazkan there. They expressed an interest in helping his search. However, they would not leave until they had lost the mantle of “Arena Champions” in fair arena combat. A plan was hatched to have the party help prepare Balok and his teammates defeat the Champions in the arena. The group then decided to leave as it was getting late into the evening.

Outside, they were swarmed by a mob of arena fans. Gana, the barmaid that Sametik had charmed earlier were among the crowd and he brought her along. Lerona was there too and had been watching the fights. She offered her place for them to stay the night and so they did. Except Sametik though, who opted to spend the night with his new lady friend over at her place. When morning broke, they were surprised to find that Sametik had not returned as he had promised. They left for the Gilded Mane, only to find him him passed out. Apparently he had too much to drink the night before and was paying for it this morning. Thania was there again and she revealed that it was SHE who had arranged for the Tembo to fight them! Apparently it was her way of testing their mettle. Now satisfied with their performance, she invited them to discuss their future dealings together…

Chat Log:


Not bad for an encounter we were looking pretty sore after. Interested to see just what Thania wants us to do for her, and whether we’ll start fighting this session or the next one.

By the way, any chance of some people getting the Mark of the Tembo for this? It’s a L7 Battle Scar that bestows Resist 5 Necrotic and gives you temp HP if your healing surges are drained/hampered.

Was going over Sametik’s build again, got a few ideas what kind of loot he’d be interested in. Will discuss it… somewhere. Not quite sure where yet.

Mistaken Identities

Oh, never saw that. It would make a pretty good magic item. No one got hit by the recharge power that triggers on a bite… I’ll think about it and arrive at a conclusion next session.

Just send me E-mails for loot you are interested in. You may or may not get it, or something like it.

Mistaken Identities

Yeah, am interested in what Thania might propose. What do we really know about her? Is she a crime boss? She’s certainly got some kind of influence to fix arena matches. Just realized that we never asked Lerona about her at all.

Mistaken Identities

Probably a good thing. Given that Stel knows about Lerona, the fewer ways they can tie us to Thania, the better. Sametik, for one, is wary. And checking the food for poisons.

Mistaken Identities

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