Silt and Sun

On the Road Again

Going places that I've never been...

The M’ke caravan sets out from Raam, led by Lerona M’ke. Among the guards are 3 dwarves for hire, regulars of Lerona’s caravan’s, as well as a new arrival, the Half-Giant Mazkan. He is looking to make a few ceramic pieces as well as travel to Urik.

Also among the travelers are the minotaur Oevru, the half-elf Rynn, the Eladrin Immeral, and the boy Darus. They are traveling to get out of Raam, and on their way to Urik but are promised to be paid for guarding the caravan as well. The going rate is 50 ceramic gold pieces per person per trip, food and supplies not included.

After two days of traveling they approach the Black Water stream. A small stream that crosses over the Road of Kings. It once gave water to the City-State of Yaramuke and passing travelers alike. As they approached they saw a few large flocks of Kestrekels around a seemingly lifeless body, however as they got closer they noticed he was still alive, trying to fend off the pecks of the hungry birds.

A battle ensued as the Caravan guards went to rescue the downed human, although it quickly escalated as the blacked landscape gave forth undead horrors to try to claim the souls of the living. After a long and hard fight everyone managed to survive, but just barely. As they were tending to their wounds and introducing themselves to the new arrival, a Psion named Sametik, Lerona offered a proposal. Go into the ruins of Yaramuke looking for treasure, with an added 100 cgp bonus, as well as extras for each piece of treasure they are able to haul out.

The PC’s accepted, and with Lerona and Darus in tow they leave the dwarves to defend the caravan and head north, into the wasteland that was once a grand City State.

Chat Log:


It was a hard fight alright! I did enjoy it and nothing says “Welcome to Dark Sun” like having almost the entire party down to bloodied and one PC dropping to 0. Though I wouldn’t want that every session. :p

On the Road Again

I’m glad you had fun. I’m going to try to have less of those session long fights, but we did get started late. Next session should have less combat.

On the Road Again

No worries. Part of the delays were probably from us new guys still getting used to our PCs and the framework.

On the Road Again

Yeah, agreed. Hopefully we’ll have plenty of RP/exploration to start off next session to start fleshing out the new characters.

On the Road Again

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