Silt and Sun

Prison Break!

Pretending we are Spartacus

Trapped by guards and a host of slaves, the characters did what they do best, convice the slaves it’s better to help the players escape than help the guards. It took a few rousing words, some magical spells, and some teleportational assistance from Darus, but eventually they outnumbered the guards, and beat them into submission. With a new army of close to 30 slaves they moved upstairs, quickly swarming the few guards left on the lower levels. In the main hall a large fight broke out between the guards and the slaves. With the character’s help, the slaves quickly subdued the guards with only a third of the poorly equiped slaves falling in battle. The group guickly fled the keep and made it to Ghost Town, where Shatri took them in.

Soon the players met up with Lerona M’ke and left on a caravan out of the city, on their way to Urik

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