Silt and Sun

The Three Sisters and The Obsidian Quarter

"It's like a chorus from you guys, 'Grunt..Sigh..Grunt' " - Lerona M'Ke

When morning arrives, Rynn and Immeral make leave to attend to their own matters for the moment. In light of the dire revelations of the previous night, Darus, Oevru and Mazkan decide to accompany Sametik to the Royal Observatory to find the head astronomer. Mazkan decides to stop by a halfling’s meat stall to grab a bite before leaving. While attempting to sell some ‘exotic’ meats to Mazkan, Oevru notices a half-elf stealing the half-giant’s purse! They subdue the thief, who admits to being in league with Derek, the halfling vendor. Derek confesses and in return for not reporting him to the templars, allows the party to take some of his wares and agrees to owe them a favor. They then head out of Urik to the hills known as The Three Sisters.

The Royal Observatory is heavily guarded by Obsidian Golems and a patrol of Lionguards. Sametik attempts to pass himself off as a nobleman but is informed by the guards that only Urik nobility and their guests are allowed in the area. Seeing no way through absent force, they had no choice but to turn back. On the way, they notice an unguarded ruined observatory on one of the hills and Sametik comes on the idea that perhaps they should return after dark and make their way up there. He thinks that he might still be able to use the observatory to unravel more of the portent. Once they re-entered Urik, they made their way to the Obsidian Quarter to find Lerona M’ke at the M’ke Compound.

Mazkan hopes Lerona can provide them a way onto the Stel Estate so that he may ask them about his enslaved friends. Lerona agrees to help on the condition that they do not cause any trouble and that Darus remains with her in the meantime. She provides them an excuse to make entrance, a package delivery from M’Ke to the Stels. They deliver the package to Garkel Stel, Head of Sales for House Stel. However, they do not gain much information for him. Only that Hamanu purchases many half-giants to work Urik’s obsidian mines and that those whom are troublesome are sent to fight in Urik’s arena, the “Pit of Black Death”.

They return to report to Lerona and then head to the arena. Under the shadow of one of the city walls, a templar and an arena agent stands heralding the arena news. Mazkan creates a commotion when he hears of a male and female half-giant gladiator team, known only as “Blood and Splatter” would be “performing” that evening. Oevru and Sametik manage to calm him down before any trouble could begin. Mazkan is convinced that the duo are his missing companions. They then return again to Lerona and Darus and go to have lunch. During which Lerona suggests that one way to ascertain the identity of the gladiators is to sign up for the games. Mazkan declares that to be an excellent idea and that signing up to be a gladiator is exactly what he intends to do!

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