Silt and Sun

Urik, City of Lions

How did we get here and where do we go?

The caravan continues on the Road of Kings to Urik. Along the way, Lerona fills the party in on some details of the city-state. One of which is House Stel, the largest merchant house in Urik. Lerona also reveals her intent of selling the orb outside of Urik away from the eyes of Hamanu‘s templars. As the caravan gets within sight of Urik, Lerona questions Immeral on why he is away from The Lands Within The Wind. Immeral hints that disagreement with his elders over the future of the Kingdoms Invisible led to him leaving and left it at that. They get within sight of three hills, that Lerona points out as the Three Sisters upon which stands the Royal Observatory, home to Urik’s chief astronomer, Babantylos.

Oevru insists that Lerona make good on the payment for fetching the orb before entering the city. Lerona proposes a new agreement, that the group may keep the orb but receive a huge cut in their promised fee. Seeing Darus unwilling to part with the orb, the group agrees with this new agreement. They enter the city without any trouble and soon find themselves minus their employer on the city streets. While Oevru, Immeral, Rynn and Sametik discuss where they might want to go for a quiet chat, Mazkan bids them farewell and starts to set off on his own. He is stopped by Darus, who insists that since they are all strangers in the city, it’d be better for them to stay together, at least for the night. Mazkan half-heartedly agrees, not wanting to disappoint the boy. Rynn adds that they should find someone called Thania but gave no further details.

The group find cheap lodgings in the Foreign Quarter. Though the rooms are small, Sametik insists that they all gather in one of them for a discussion. One by one, they go through what their immediate plans will be. Rynn explains vaguely that “a crazy lady I trust”, as she puts it, told her to find Thania and help her and in return she would then help Rynn. Mazkan hesitantly reveals that he wishes to seek out the Stels, who may hold information about his enslaved friends. Darus then remarks that they as a group should help Mazkan. They all agree, much to the Mazkan’s surprise. They also reveal to Mazkan and Sametik that their ultimate destination is Tyr.

Sametik then takes out a parcel and unravels it, revealing some books and star charts. He starts to tell them something that a colleague of his had discovered through the observation of stars and arcane study. According to him, a great power will arrive on Athas in the near future. Something so powerful it could challenge the sorceror-kings and that the fallout of it could mean the end of all life. Rynn questions whether such a power should be stopped and then she reveals her past as a templar to the party. She was made to do terrible things for a sorceror-king and would love to see them fall. Sametik finishes by telling them that the obsidian orb they now possessed is one part of a ritual to stop this future threat and that he needs to find an astronomer in this city to complete the ritual. They then retired to their rooms for the night, feeling that tomorrow will be much more than just another ordinary day.

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