Silt and Sun

The Keep of Urden-Mor
Luring guards into traps for fun and profit.

The adventurers popped out in a small storage room with a few very confused slaves. After a little pep talk they were able to use them to lure a few guards away, ambush them, and move farther into the keep, picking up more slaves in the process. In the dungeon they found both the boy, Darus, and the Minotaur, Raama, chained up. Their disguise didn’t last long though as a guard got suspicious. The fast-talking failed and the guard decided it would be better to just deal with you now. Surrounded by confused slaves, and a few guards, it looks like they would have to fight thier way out of this the old fashioned way.

Chat Log:

A New Beginning
Immeral has joined the party

After a hard fall down a long cliff the party learns that they have lost two more of their own. Broken, but not beaten, the minotaur Oevru Aster and the half-elf Rynn Elamar bring the injured Ushuch-Si back to conciousness and start to head out back to the city of Raam. Before long they meet a strange eladrin who appeared to come right out of the dust and sand in the air.

He appears to be there for a reason, but the added help to get Ushuch back to town safely cannot be ignored. Together the 4 head back to Raam, and decide that the best course of action is to rest your wounds in Ghost Town before heading to the keep of Urden-Mor. The party makes its way around the outside of Raam as night falls. They are nearly captured by a group of warlord bandits, but Rynn is able to use strong words to convince the guards to help them find their way home. Before too long the party manages to make its way to the house of Shatri where they find safe harbor.

Rested they head out to the keep of Urden-Mor, quickly locate the sand/silt pit that Ushuch-Si had mentioned and dived into the unknown.

Chat logs –


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