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  • raam

    h1. Raam A relatively horrible place that is filled with constant strife and unrest. The Sorcerer-Queen [[:abalach-re]] does nearly nothing to safe guard her people and has let most of the city be controlled by the ruthless warlords outside of the …

  • offspring

    h1. Offspring The Offspring are the progeny of the Sorcerer-Queen [[:abalach-re]]. They inherited some of her magical power and are generally feared and respected. Some of them also have their mother's lust for power, but some of them, like Shatri …

  • Lerona M'ke

    Daughter to Patriarch [[:truvo-mke]]. She routinely goes on business travel acquiring new business contracts or rare items to sell for [[mke-family | House M'ke]]. She works with her brother [[:rogil-mke]]

  • Ushuch-Si

    A dwarf of some renown for his architecture and sculpting abilities. He resides in [[raam | Raam]]. He secretly wages a covert war against he Sorcerer-Queen of Raam, [[:abalach-re]] by recording a genealogy of [[offspring | the Offspring]], which he …