Tag: Urik


  • Urik, City of Lions

    The caravan continues on the [[road-of-kings | Road of Kings]] to [[urik | Urik]]. Along the way, [[:lerona-mke | Lerona]] fills the party in on some details of the city-state. One of which is [[house-stel | House Stel]], the largest merchant house in …

  • Blood Sport

    As the group finished eating, [[:rynn-elamar | Rynn]] caught up with them. She was having trouble finding [[:thania | Thania]], her contact in [[urik | Urik]]. Her last lead was [[gilded-mane | The Gilded Mane]], a tavern in the Artisan Quarter. [[: …

  • Guts and Guile

    Over breakfast, [[:thania | Thania]] revealed [[:miranda | Miranda]], the daughter of a prominent member of her society, had been taken for Templar training. She was being indoctrinated at the Royal Academy; Thania estimated it would take 4 days for it to …

  • house-stel

    h1. House Stel Based out of the [[stel-estate | Stel estate]] located in the Obsidian Quarter of [[urik | Urik]]. They are the largest merchant house in the city. They are wealthy enough to be almost as influential as [[:hamanu | Hamanu]]. The Head of …

  • Thania

    An Urik contact, met in The Gilded Mane. Offered to help with the prophecy ritual in exchange for a favor.

  • Blood & Splatter

    Blood and Splatter are the performance names of Freea and Das. These 2 goliaths were from a neighboring tribe near Mazkan's tribe. They had left the Ringing Mountains a few months ago and ended up at Urik's arena as its champions.

  • Gana

    A tattooed barmaid Sametik seduced, first for info, then for company. Knows [[:thania | Thania]]; how well they know each other is unknown.

  • Miranda

    Child that was captured by the Templar of [[urik | Urik ]] and is now studying in the Royal Academy. The group was tasked with breaking her out before the indoctrination of [[:hamanu | Hamanu ]] fully takes over.

  • Kyra

    A captured defiler & comrade of [[:balok | Balok]] in [[urik | Urik's]] arena. [[:immeral | Immeral]] and [[:sametik | Sametik]] taught her to be more mindful of her spells.

  • Spry

    A roguish comrade of [[:balok | Balok]] in [[urik | Urik's]] arena. Was pretty cowardly until [[:oevru-aster | Oevru]] and [[:mazkan | Mazkan]] taught him to fight like a man.

  • Daz

    Old acquaintance of [[:mazkan | Mazkan]]. Fights alongside [[:freea | Freea]] as [[urik | Urik]] arena champions. Heard about Mazkan's tribe being sold into slavery, now trying to get out by losing honorable combat.