Welcome to the World of Athas


Our GM, Justin Santiago, has passed away, and with it his unique vision for this campaign. We have decided to end the campaign, rather than have someone pick up where he left off; it wouldn’t be the same. We leave this up as a testament to what could’ve been, and as a symbol of what tragedy cut short.

I completely forgot to save the Chat log. Sorry! I’ll boot up my save file and get the names of the monsters you fought and people you met and put them on the wiki. Luckily we didn’t have that much talking.

Added chat log.

I added a new page on weapon breakage. Poyodiablo is now handling the adventure logs. A few wiki pages have been added, but still need information on them.

We have a new Banner thanks to Poyodiablo/Mazkan! Thanks!

I have added a section below detailing a bit of information about rests. Also the new adventure log is up.

I have updated the items listing with the obsidian shards you got from the orbs that were powering the Death Shades.

The chat logs are finally up. I’ll keep adding new stuff as I go.

Important Stuff

Chat Logs

Character Creation

Skill Challenge Rules

Gold and Coins

Rests, both short and extended

Weapon Breakage

Make sure to check out the Items tab for interesting and unique items/boons you get through the campaign.

Silt and Sun

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