"Accursed fate, I was not meant to be here!"


Level 4 Human Psion

Ability Scores

Str 12, Con 11,
Dex 10, Int 19,
Wis 15, Cha 13


HP: 35, Surges: 6
AC: 17, Fort: 15, Ref: 18, Will: 18

Trained Skills

Arcane +11, History +11, Dungeoneering +9,
Insight +9, Perception +9


Kinetic Trawl: A basic psionic attack that pulls an enemy towards Sametik.
Mind Lock: Hinders an enemy’s movement from a distance.
Dimensional Scramble: Psionic tears warp enemies around, scattering them.
Far Hand: Telekinetically manipulate objects.
Forceful Push: Slides a target.
Adept’s Insight: A little shove can turn a failure into a success.
Slave’s Sacrifice: An adjacent ally steps in to take a hit for Sametik.
Living Missile: Sametik telekinetically grasps an enemy, sending him careening across the battlefield to smash into others.
Root Understanding: Confers understanding of a language for a bit.


Staff Expertise: +1 to all attacks using a staff, ranged attacks don’t provoke opportunity attacks, +1 reach
Ritual Caster: Can master and perform rituals
Action Surge: +3 to attack rolls made while you use an action point
Skill Power: Gain a skill power
Human Perseverance: +1 to saving throws


Sametik appears to be a simple traveler, with only a staff for protection, but he is actually an exiled astrologer noble. When he & his master discovered a prophecy of upheaval, the Templars tried to silence them. Sametik escaped, fleeing west with a desperate plan to learn the prophecy’s details. He would find an obsidian sphere and convince a skilled astrologer to perform a divination ritual to clarify it.

Unfortunately, he had to strike out on his own after hunters caught up with him. He was hallucinating and fending off scavengers when the party found him by the Black River near Yaramuke. They got off to a great start, trading barbs and insults while Sametik used them as meat shields.

They retrieved an obsidian sphere, but Darus kept it, forcing Sametik to lay out his objective and request their help. In return, Sametik agreed to help them free Mazkan’s brethren, lest he get bumble into something and get himself killed. The barbs still fly, but at least the party’s willing to take a few hits for him.


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