Character Creation

Character Creation


Your level is the same as the rest of the party


You get 100 + (25 * Level) that you can use to buy normal and common magic items. In addition you get one common non-metal magic item of your level.


Stats are the same as a normal D&D game.


All Dark Sun Characters get a theme.

Inherent Enhancement

All character will use the Inherent Enhancement rules found in the DMG2 and DS Campaign Guide


Anything divine is right out, as is anything that makes life easier. No neverending water bags, no traveler’s feast, etc. I reserve the right to cut (or make it hard to use) any ritual or equipment.


You can use any weapon that is not specific to Eberron or Forgotten Realms.

Magic Items

Iron Armbands of power, the item that gives you a flat item bonus to ranged attacks, cloaks of distortion, Agile Armor, and any non-neck item that gives you a flat bonus to a defense are removed from the game. Other items will be removed if I decide on it.

Weight Limits

Your adventureing gear (clothes, tinder, ropes, torches) weighs 30 pounts. You are always assumed to carry enough torches (Not Sunrods or Lanterns), ropes, bedding, clothes, whatever for your needs. Specalized gear like grappling hooks (made of shell or bone), camoflaged clothes, disguise kits, or anything else that gives a bonus to skill checks will have to be purchased and weighed seperately. Survival Days (Food, water, silt masks) will need to be purchased and carried seperatly.
Your armor and weapons of course have their given weight.
Money is 1 lb per 100 ceramic bits, rounded up. This is probably way off of real, but it makes things really easy to count.
Survival Days are 8 lbs per day.

Survival Days

Each Survival Day is the amount of food, water, and gear you need to use to survive a day in Athas with no ill effects. Not using a survival day will result in penalties. Each survival day weighs 8 pounds, and costs 5 gp nominally (In most city-states). In a parched desert village the price might be more, while at a monastic oasis, it might be cheaper. These are commodities and you can sell them to people for around the same price (no 20% selling penalty).

Bonus Feats

All characters recieve a “Athasian Weapon Focus” feat for free. This feat gives you a +1 feat bonus per tier to damage rolls with native Athasian weapons (any weapon found in the DS campaign guide), and with implements. This damage bonus does not stack with weapon focus or implement focus, but can be considered those feats for all purposes.

At level 11 you get a +1 bonus to all attack rolls for weapon and implement attacks
At level 21 it goes up to +2.
These bonus’ do not stack with the expertise feats, nor anything that the expertise feats would not stack with. The expertise feats (both essentials and non-essentials) essentially give you a +1 attack bonus over this campaign’s baseline.


When you level up, you can retrain 1 feat and 1 power per tier, as well as 1 skill.


You can play any Non-divine class. You will have the chance to take a multi-class divine feat later if you wish.

Arcane characters will generally hide their arcane power and instead describe it as psionic, simply because the general populace fears the arcane.


You can be any race that has been created as a playable race. This includes minotaurs from the Dragon magazines.

Some (but maybe not all) races that you CANNOT be:
Warforged, Gnome, Half-Orc


You can pick any number of backgrounds from the numerous PHB’s and the DS Campaign Guide. You can recieve the benefit of a single one. You are encouraged to use these backgrounds to create your character.

Character Creation

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